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ICON Plan and Price

S Special Promotion:
  • Full feature extension for only $21.95/extension when your site reach 8 extensi
  • Two year term specials:
    * Free extensions rental for 2 years contract. (No hardware purchase required)
    * Free Fax to E-Mail for 2 years: you save $214.80 for the services.
    * If your busiiness are located in Victoria Island, BC or Alberta, We could provide 30% discont Cable Internet Services to your location, with Free Modem & Router.

Call for the detail of special deals:  6042888888 ext 116   ask for Dan Lan

S Basic Features:
  • $21.95 /extension
    Basic Features? Please tell me more informations .............................................. MORE

 Advanced Features:
  • $26.95 /extensionS
    Advanced Features? Please tell me more informations ..................................... MORE

S Extra Package:
  • Advance Auto Attendant: $9.95/mo With day/night mode and multi-layer auto attendant.
  • Extra Phone Number for extension: $6.95/mo
  • Additional Voice Mail: $4.95/mo
  • Additional Virtual Extension: $4.95/mo
  • Additional FAX to Email Service: $8.95/mo

ICON Phone (ac power adptor not include)

Yealink T21P E2 IP Phone (2 line)
$ 90.00

Yealink T21PE2

Yealink T23GP IP Phone (3 line)
$ 130.00

Yealink T23GP

Yealink T27GP IP Phone (8 liine)
$ 160.00

Polycom SoundPoint 450

Yealink T29GP IP Phone (color)
$ 250.00

Yealink T29GP

Snom 320 IP Phone
$ 199.95

Snom 320

Yealink DECT W52P (base+1set)
$ 200.00

Yealink DECT 52P

ICON Alternate Phone

Your iPad + Bria iPhone Edition*
Your iPhone + Bria iPhone Edition*
* Bria iPhone Edition is a SIP-based phone for Apple iPhone and iPod touch that uses a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to make and receive calls.
If you re using iPhone or Android Phone, we recommend CSipSimple App, which is full compatible with our system and is totally free.