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ICON USA Phone Numbers Available

USA Phone Numbers Available

You can extend your company’s presence to other country by acquire the local access number. TieUs Hosted PBX services has now expanded the local DID number offering to USA and other 64 overseas countries.

If you are looking for providing USA customer local access number for your company, the hosted PBX will be the perfect solution for you. We can forward USA number to your Canadian company number, or, we can provide hosted PBX services for the USA number as well. You company will looks like have a branch office in United State.

For only $9.95/mo, you get the extra USA DID number for you to do business in USA.

SIP Trunkl USA DID numberPlay different voice greeting for USA Customers. We can separate Hosted PBX auto-attendants’ greeting by different DID you acquired. Please check our sales department for further information.

ICON Doing business overseas?

  • Do you need other country’s phone number? Yes, you can!

  • Beside USA, we now provide DIDs from 64 overseas countries, including United Kingdom, China, Japan, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Netherlands, Brazil, France, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia… and more.

    If you have specific country DID or Phone number you want to acquire, please contact our sales department for availability and price.

    Note: Due to the different Telecommunication policy and cost among different country, the monthly charge of overseas DID may sell differently according to cost, availability and local rate.

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