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Hosted PBX 8-way Conference

8-way Conference Room is the add-on features for your existing Hosted PBX Services.

The Audio conference let you easy utilize the service while maintain the comfortable security. The minimum requirement to set up the audio conference meeting room is that you need to have at least one hosted PBX IP-Phone extension.

For only $19.95/mo, you can create “unlimited” conference room during the month.

PBX Service unlimited conference You can have up to 8 parties join in an audio conference room. You “create” the conference room from any Hosted PBX extension. Up to 8 office extensions can join the conference all together, or you can invite the external customer to join the conference by transfer in the caller to conference room. You can also call the customer from your extension and pull the customer into the conference room you created.

Please hurry, the promotion price is $9.95/mo, the promotion period ended soon. Please call your sales representatives for more information.

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