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Arrow Introducing AbovEdge
AbovEdge is an IP-PBX telephone systems designed for small business, branch office, and could be extensible to large or global enterprise. The one box architecture enables the small business phone system starts with one simple device, the other components can add on or stack on existing office phone system when business grow. AbovEdge already included the IP capability that makes the small business phone systems into full functional VoIP systems. The VoIP PBX adds more features and reduces your business communication cost.

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If you are interested in purchasing on premise phone system for your company, AbovEdge will be the excellent choice. A cost effective, single box All-in-One office phone system enables your daily business communication requirements. This hybrid system can work with traditional phone line as well as VoIP enabled SIP trunking. Contact us for free consultancy and quotation.

ICON Introducing AbovEdge

AbovEdge™SS-5000 series is a single box All-in-One IP-extension focused IP-PBX with a compact and reliability-built-in embedded hardware architecture. This series can have up to 50 SIP extensions, support all kinds of telephone line interface (traditional analog trunk (FXO), digital T1/E1/PRI trunk, or the VoIP SIP trunk), and can also work with an analog VoIP gateway to add additional FXO ports. AbovEdge™ SS-5000 series is specially designed for SMB that prefers to implement an all-IP extension. Being a family member of AbovEdge’s™ open and scalable system, AbovEdge™ SS-5000 series could be upgraded to the AbovEdge™ multi-chassis CS-8000 series to accommodate company growth.

ICON IP-PBX Phone Advantage

AbovEdge™ SS-5000 series is a user self manageable and customizable IP-PBX with Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Call Conferencing and fully integrated VoIP functionality. No matter it is cross-region inter-extension, incoming, or outbound call, with full-featured call handling and trunk management capability, AbovEdge™ seamlessly handle and route calls efficiently and economically to maximize your business productivity.

Least Cost Routing with Auto Second Routing
Least Cost Routing (LCR) automatically determines the best route when making either extension to extension, local call, domestic or international long distance calls. It routes calls through internal multi-location VoIP link or the most inexpensive telephony carrier seamlessly without asking users to know which route to choose. If all trunks of the primary LCR route are busy or not available, AbovEdge™ will automatically make the call through the next pre-specified route to ensure connectivity and maximize the flexibility of line usage without requiring extra effort from users.

Cross-Region Audio Conference Room
Moderating a conference call has never been easier. AbovEdge’s™ conference function provides intercommunication between extensions, trunks, and VoIP ports. It operates like a chat room. No longer have you had to invite attendees one by one. Making a conference call is just like walking into a conference room.

Mobility, Doing Business Anywhere
AbovEdge™ offers a cost-effective & efficient WorkAnywhere solution that allows employees to connect to the office regardless of geographic constraints. Its VoIP-powered ability to fully integrate multiple or remote offices and individual remote phones will enable your field sales and work-at-home employees to communicate with your customers or their colleagues as they were in the office.

Expandability, Lets You Start Small and Grow

Businesses usually have to throw away their existing equipments when replacing their legacy PBXs with larger-sized or advanced legacy systems, or when they need to accommodate themselves to company’s growth through expansion into multi-site offices, independent PBXs at oversea branches, in need of VoIP gateway to interface to existing PBXs which the newly acquired office is still using, etc.
AbovEdge™, the most affordable Communication Appliance for your smallest needs and greatest aspirations, lets you start from smallest configuration and grow with your company. -- Its unique stackable system architecture facilitates its multiple appliances inter-operable seamlessly to meet design requirements ranging from small to large sites; from single to multiple or telecommuter sites; from pure IP to hybrid IP telephony integrated with legacy phone systems, PBX, or PSTN.

Fully Integrated VoIP Functionality
With AbovEdge™, inter-branch communications are no longer hindered by costly Centrex or tie trunk systems. The fully integrated VoIP functions of AbovEdge™ allow boundary-free communication between headquarters and all remote offices. AbovEdge™ equipments in different locations work like a single PBX with all employees connected under one dial plan.

Advanced Voice Mail System
AbovEdge’s™ integrated feature-packed voice mail system, providing virtually unlimited number of permanent or guest users, is designed expressly for the business user. It is equipped with an advanced voice-prompting user interface for simple management of its powerful capabilities as well as a visualized voice message function for you to manage them just like the way you manage your E-Mail from desktop or cell phone.

Flexible Personalized Call Management
AbovEdge’s™ innovative web-based Personal Call Management features individualized set-up that allows each extension user to optionally set personal incoming call handling without assistance from administrator. Users can activate the Call Forwarding function to make them reachable by forwarding their calls to internal or external numbers. They can also activate the One Number Follow Me function to define several call routing paths for calls to reach them. The Do Not Disturb function transfers all calls into voice mail without ringing the extension. AbovEdge™ allows you to handle calls for almost all kinds of situation that meet your requirement with ease and flexibility.

Easy Management & Maintenance
AbovEdge’s™ web-based configuration function allows the administrator to add a new user, relocate phone set (extension), set toll restriction, change extension parameter, or make system wide changes, all from a remote desktop. System administration has never been easier.

Live Link Recovery
AbovEdge™ SS-5000 series will remain function as a stand alone PBX in the local office while the Internet connection fails. Once the Internet connection is re-acquired, AbovEdge™ will automatically recover the distributed networking linkage with members of its family at other locations, without manual setup or restarting the system. With the Live Link Recovery featured by AbovEdge™, the impact of disconnected Internet on business’ usual operation and maintenance effort of administrator can be minimized.