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ICON Why hosted PBX phone system?

Hosted phone services can improve your image and save you money on the same time without the expense of buying and maintaining your own phone system. With hosted pbx services, you can make your home-office, virtual office, or one-man company’s phone system just like a big company.

  • Improve Your Business Image
    Auto Attendantsimage02

    Why not improve your business image start with answering your phone professionally and consistently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and direct the customer calls for you to the right departments or extensions?

    Voice Mail

    How about using Voice Mail when you are away, on the phone, or busy? Impress your clients with a professional image, and never miss an important call. A standard professional voice mail recording system is including in the services. Also, you can record your own customized greeting. You can easily manage your voice mail when you are on the extension or on the road.

    Never Miss an Important Call

    Incoming call can be transferred, forwarded to other extension, or direct to voice mail and back to auto attendant. Even you are not in office, caller can still reach you. Use the call back feature in the Voice Mail to get contact with customer immediately.

  • Save Money
    Pay monthly
  • Why spend tens of thousand dollars on office phone system while you can start with only $16.95/mo? Convert your capital investment into a monthly company expense, while enjoy the full features of a professional phone system.

    Save Long Distance

    Call the long distance at discount rate! We know you are doing the business, so we let you call North American for only 2.5 cent/min. Best of all, you can call all 20 major Canadian Cities for free! If you are doing business national wide, this feature along will save your business a lot of money.

    Simultaneous Calls

    You can have as many simultaneous phone calls at the same time as you like. No more worry how many business lines you need to subscribe with your telephone company when your business grow. You can have all your extensions on the call at the same time without worry about the limitation of how many business lines you have. This is like saving all the phone line costs for you!

  • Convenientimage
    Connecting Anywhere

    With hosted services, your extension will not be limited to one geographic location. The extension can be anywhere, as long as it is on the Internet.

    Remote Worker

    Need to give your staff work at home and still able to access the extension? No problem, just bring the extension home. All you need to do is connecting the extension to the home network so it can access the Internet.


    Even you are on the business trip, it is possible to bring your extension with you. So your colleagues can reach you and you can use the extension to make a phone call.