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ICON 1-800 number for your business at 4 cent/min!


1-800Our 1-800 service is only available to our existing customer at rock bottom rate. We offer the best business Toll Free Solutions, you will see the huge price difference if you are still using Telus or Bell’s Toll Free solutions.

ICON 1-800 Our Price:

  • One time setup fee (New number or porting number): $25
  • Subscription Fee: $2.95/mo* (can be deducted as calling charge)
  • Minute Rate: 4 cent/min
  • Coverage: Canada and USA (exclude Northern Territory, Alaska and Hawaii)
    • Explanation of subscription fee:
      The subscription fee is for us to maintain your 1-800 numbers. The minimum charge each month is $2.95 per number for your 1-800 numbers.
    • The subscription can be deducted as the calling charge:
      For $2.95 divided by 4cent a minutes, meaning you can have 74 minutes of 1-800 minutes included as free. (In other word, we always charge 4cent a minutes, but if your usage is below 74 minutes, we still charge your $2.95 as minimum system maintain fee)

ICON Pick you own 1-800 number:

You can have the option to pick your own 1-800 number with only $50 more on the setup fee. Interested in 1-877-80MONEY, 1-866-100LOVE? We can find the number that match your needs. It is possible to match all last 7 digits of your needs.

ICON How to start?

  • Contact our sales representatives, please contact us by clicking here
  • For new number, pick up a 1-800 from our 20 random selected number pool.
  • For existing number, sign a number porting authorization form, and wait for 4 processing day.
  • Start to enjoy the low-rate Toll Free Number and save.