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Arrow Introducing AbovEdge
AbovEdge is an IP-PBX telephone systems designed for small business, branch office, and could be extensible to large or global enterprise. The one box architecture enables the small business phone system starts with one simple device, the other components can add on or stack on existing office phone system when business grow. AbovEdge already included the IP capability that makes the small business phone systems into full functional VoIP systems. The VoIP PBX adds more features and reduces your business communication cost.

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ICON AbovEdge Phone System Feature

ICON Trunk

  • Support FXO/T1/E1/PRI/VoIP SIP trunk
  • Trunk grouping
  • Flexible time section, day/night, holiday setup
  • Trunk line and time section based Incoming Call Handling, Operator setup
  • Day/night mode switch
  • Working day switch
  • Least cost routing
  • Toll restriction
  • Auto trunk access
  • DID direct dial to extension
  • Private line
  • Talk time limit

ICON Extension

  • Support FXS/IP/Softphone/WiFi extension
  • Virtual extension
  • Pilot number group
  • One phone, many numbers
  • One number, many phones
  • Extension number relocation
  • On-line extension enable/disable
  • Voice prompt extension number query

ICON Auto Attendant

  • Flexible time section, day/night, holiday
  • Trunk line and time section based
  • Search by name
  • Day/night mode switch
  • Working day switch
  • Multiple language greeting setup
  • On-line greeting recording

ICON Call Function

  • Hold/Unholdl
  • Local park/unpark
  • Remote park/unpark
  • Call waiting
  • Attend/Unattend Call Transfer
  • Call forward
  • Answer Call for Colleague
  • Conference
  • Transfer caller to AA
  • Transfer caller to voice mail
  • Leave message directly
  • Pilot group log in/out
  • Extension log in/out
  • Music on hold
  • Wake-up call
  • On-line feature code query

ICON Call Management

  • Personal call management
  • Do Not Disturb
  • One Number Follow Me
  • Call management for no answer
  • Call management for busy
  • Caller ID authentication
  • Assist operator
  • Operator group setup: hunting, round robin, ring down

ICON Voice Mail

  • Personal greeting
  • On-line greeting recording
  • Message notification
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Voice mail as e-mail
  • Message number announcement
  • Message auto saving
  • Message playback sequence setting
  • Forward message
  • Return call
  • Change password
  • Mail box size setting
  • Message time stamp and length announcement


  • Multi-location PBX
  • Remote trunk access
  • Live link recovery
  • SIP trunk concurrent call control
  • NAT traversal

ICON System Management

  • First digit assignment
  • Call status monitor
  • Web based user interface for system administrator
  • Personal Web user interface for call management
  • Database backup
  • CDR report
  • Live line while power-off
  • One Architecture Expansion

ICON AbovEdge Specification

A Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC
A Temperature:
SOperating: 0°C to 45°C
SStorage: -20°C to 75°C
A Humidity: 20% to 90%
A Dimension:
SW: 438mm
SD: 333mm
SH: 44mm
S(19’ 1U Rack Mount)

Model Capacity
SS-5011 A 4 SIP trunk + 4 analog trunk
A 1 analog extension + 10 SIP extensions
S(upgradable up to 50 SIP extensions)
SS-5020 A 4 SIP trunk + 1 analog trunk
A 1 analog extension + 20 SIP extensions
S(upgradable up to 50 SIP extensions)
SS-5030 A4 SIP trunk + 1 analog trunk + 1 partial T1 trunk (10 channels)
A1 analog extension + 20 SIP extensions
S(upgradable up to 50 SIP extensions)
MG-0400 / MG-0800 A 4/8 ports FXO trunk VoIP gateway for SS-5020
VNAT-6016 A 16 NAT Traversal channels